In-Home Gym Designs and Workouts

In-home gyms are becoming popular additions to homes. Whether you want to create your own workout room or have a tailored exercise plan, we can help you get started.

Fitness Inside and Out has trained professions that can evaluate your goals, needs, and help suggest equipment to best suit you. Our trainers work with a variety of clients from ages 12-94 and can customize workout plans and equipment to reach your goals injury free!  

Even multi-unit home gyms can do more harm than good without knowledge of proper workouts and what works well with your body. We customize workouts in your condo or workout room to give you creative, effective ways to enhance your workouts. 

Fitness Inside and Out works with local suppliers to create a workout area that is efficient, cost effective, and catered to your individual goals. We want to help you save money by making recommendations to accommodate your space to get the best workout possible.

Set up an evaluation today to help create the best home gym for tomorrow.

Fitness Inside and Out

Welcome Back to Fitness Inside & Out

We are happy to announce that we are back training now.  Please make sure that you follow the suggested CDC policies that are located at the front desk and gym rules as well.  We have printed out the Florida Department of Health guidelines as well.

Please wash your hands before and after your workout.  The trainers are disinfecting the equipment before and after each use and I have unplugged the middle treadmill to maintain social distancing between all the cardio equipment.  We have masked available as well if needed.

The trainers are staggering their schedules so that we do not have more than three trainers in at a time.  We will try to accommodate clients schedules as much as we can.

I have also moved the Pilates reformers to separate rooms so their is only one machine in each room.  Please bring in your own water bottle as well.

If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at or call 239-649-7181.

Thanks and hope to see everyone soon!

Quarantine Workout

Find a weekly challenge to set a customized goal!  It might just be to start walking and build up each day for the week.  Set a goal that is realistic for you.

The picture below is of a plank.  You can modify it to start on your knees or even just a wall push-up position.  Clients ask “how long should I go.”  A plank is for your core so you should feel the tension from quads, gluts, hamstrings, or abs.  When your body starts to compensate and you get in your neck, shoulders, or low back your done.  So just work on building the endurance over compensating for a longer time.

Try a Fitbit or some other training device to keep you on track and get your heart rate in a target zone throughout the day.  You can get weekly updates, set goals, and keep yourself accountable.  I like the feature to keep track of my fluid intake for the day.

I think it is good to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to some new exercises or cardiovascular goals.

If you have questions let me know and I can try and assist you through email or even some video suggestions through Zoom.

Mike Edwards/Fitness Inside & Out

photo of woman doing yoga

Mayo Clinic-Strength vs Aging Study

Studies have found that only about 30 percent of the difference in strength between young adults and older adults is due to aging.  A decline in physical activity is responsible for around 70 percent of the strength people lose.  The good news is that if it has already occured, the loss can be regained.  Older adults often experience remarkable improvement in strength within weeks or months of starting a strength training program, according to the Mayo Clinic.

According to th study: Muscles are responsible for every movement you make, and stronger muscles make it easier to live a full and productive life.  Strong muscles influence your health in other ways.  For example strength training can improve bone health, promote weight control, reduce risk of injury, alleviate back or arthritis pain, promote diabetes control, and improve cognition.

That is where the benefit of a trainer comes in.  People tend to start an exercise program and then tend to not modify it or reconize the areas that need to be emphasized.  A personal trainer at Fitness Inside & Out will evaluate your strength and endurance and also your flexibility and balance.  A personal trainer is able to adapt your exercise routine to your various conditions to improve your overall health.


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