Junior Tennis

PEAK Performance:
Start Training Today for a Better Game Tomorrow

Fitness Inside & Out’s PEAK Performance program allows you to take your tennis game to another level.  We emphasize footwork, agility, flexibility, strength, and endurance.  PEAK performance will give you specific exercises to improve various aspects of your game.  Top Naples area Junior National tennis players have relied on Fitness Inside & Out for training including Jessie Witten (4 time All-American, NCAA singles finalist, World ranking 170), Evan Austin (World Ranking, University of Kentucky), Pete Rispoli (Nationally ranked Boy’s 18, World Ranking ATP, Northeastern University) Brett Clark (Nationally ranked Boy’s 18, University of North Carolina) Viva Laas (Nationally ranked Girl’s 18, University of Deleware). Fitness Inside & Out, working with Chuck Breger, has assisted more than 20 players who’ve received NCAA Division I scholarships.

By working with Fitness Inside & Out, you will gain more focus because physically you will become a better player.  That physical advantage becomes a mental advantage because you know that you can control more matches.  We adjust the workouts to improve your weaknesses. We work with a variety of trained specialists to meet your individual needs.

Learn how to prepare yourself for tournaments, recover from tournaments, and improve your game each year.

It is great to see a player grow not only physically, but mentally and carry that forward after college

Mike Edwards

Click here to learn more about our instructor Chuck Breger, and some of the current and former players in the PEAK Performance program!

Customize Your Program:

  • Improve Your Speed
  • Increase Your Strength
  • Gain More Flexibility
  • Improve Your Footwork
  • Increase Your Agility
  • Evaluate Your Nutrition
  • Tennis-Specific Exercises
  • Prepare for Tournaments

For more information, contact Mike Edwards at (239) 649-7181 or e-mail naplesfitness@comcast.net.