MELT method in Naples at Fitness Inside & Out for chronic pain relief, posture and flexibility

Kate_Head_SHotChronic pain relief and injury prevention are two top concerns of Baby Boomers who want to lead and maintain an active lifestyle as they age.

Fitness Inside & Out is offering clients instruction and classes in the MELT Method, a series of therapeutic exercise techniques that are designed to relieve chronic pain and improve posture, flexibility, and sleep patterns, while reducing stress and tension.

Kate Kerwin is a certified MELT instructor and she joins Marina Kalis, also MELT certified, in bringing this new program to Fitness Inside & Out. Certified by MELT creator Sue Hitzmann, Kerwin has more than 35 years of experience and specializes in working with seniors. She helps clients learn MELT techniques using the MELT roller and small balls. Kalis is a MELT Hand & Foot and Foam Roller instructor.

Both Kerwin and Kalis are also certified Pilates instructors and they combine techniques to help clients in private sessions and small group classes. Kalis apprenticed under renown Pilates instructor Katrina For in Phoenix and is a third generation Pilates instructor.

MELT Method founder Kitzman says if you are injured, post-surgery, pregnant, overweight, sedentary, out of shape, or have limited mobility, chronic pain, knee or hip replacements, or bone disorders – you can still use the MELT Method. Many people find MELT to be an excellent way to begin an exercise and wellness program.

“I’m thrilled to have Kate and Marina bring MELT to Fitness Inside & Out because I believe many people can benefit from these techniques,” says Mike Edwards, owner of Fitness Inside & Out who has his master’s in exercise physiology.  “We hope to help new clients with chronic pain issues and assist them with getting on the road to an active and pain-free lifestyle.”

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Ladies in Motion circuit program opens in Naples at Fitness Inside & Out in female-only private room

IMG_20161204_131652670Fitness Inside & Out has opened a new Ladies in Motion program in its new and expanded facility located at Liberty Plaza shopping center, which is on the west side of U.S. 41 North and just south of Pine Ridge Road.

The Ladies in Motion program at Fitness Inside & Out offers a circuit with 13 pieces of equipment in a female-only private room.

Want to find out more? Contact Fitness Inside & Out at 239-649-7181, stop by or email

We now have Silver Sneakers and Silver Fit programs available for the Ladies in Motion program.

We’re eager to help you meet your work-out goals in this friendly, private environment that caters to women.  

Pilates at Naples Fitness Inside & Out

Fitness Inside & Out has opened a dedicated space for Pilates instruction and welcomes expert Pilates instructors Kate Kerwin and Marina Kalis.

IMG_20161209_130554694Pilates is a method of exercise that elongates and strengthens muscles, improving joint mobility and muscle elasticity. Pilates conditions the whole body with balanced strength and flexibility to help reduce the chance of injury. Certain Pilates-style techniques are frequently used by physical therapists and exercise physiologists in physical therapy settings to rehabilitate injuries. Fitness Inside & Out has extensive background in helping clients post rehab and the team emphasizes injury-free work-outs.

IMG_20161209_125736365Many Pilates exercises are performed in a reclining or sitting position and are low impact and partially weight bearing. Certain exercises target deep abdominal muscles along with muscles close to the spine. Clinical studies show Pilates can help reduce low back pain, improve posture, and also decrease the chance of falls among seniors.

Because it conditions muscles in a way that helps reduce sports injuries, Pilates has long been a secret weapon among elite athletes, ballerinas and top dancers. Originally developed by Joseph Pilates, a German national who immigrated to the U.S. after World War I, Pilates caught on with ballerinas at the New York City Ballet where Joseph Pilates had an adjacent fitness studio.

IMG_20161209_125105554George Balanchine, considered the father of American Ballet and the 20th century’s most prominent choreographer, studied at “Joe’s” Pilates studio in New York City, according to Pilates equipment maker Balanced Body. The New York Herald Tribune noted in a 1964 article that in dance classes around the country young dance students limbered up with a move called a “Pilates” without knowing that the exercise was named for a living man.

Today, Pilates is used by athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL and among Olympians. Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and NBA legend Lebron James both tout the benefits of Pilates to their games.

Marinakalis“I believe Pilates is for every person of every age,” says Marina Kalis, a third generation Pilates instructor who has joined Fitness Inside & Out and who apprenticed under the internationally known master instructor Katrina Foe in Phoenix.

Likewise, Kate Kerwin, who has 35 years of fitness training experience and has joined Fitness Inside & Out, says she sees major benefits for her older clients. “Pilates helps my older clients stay healthy and enjoy their Naples lifestyle,” Kerwin says. Kerwin is certified as a Pilates instructor for mat, ball and Pilates equipment including Reformer, Tower, and Chair.

Kate_Head_SHotBoth Kerwin and Kalis are also certified in the MELT method, a system of training that’s sweeping the country that, like Pilates, emphasizes ideal body alignment, core stability, balance, strength, and flexibility.

IMG_20161209_132408607“Injury prevention, and improving flexibility, balance and strength have long been a focus at Fitness Inside & Out. We’re pleased to add these expert Pilates instructors to our team and look forward to them assisting clients to meet their individual needs,” says Mike Edwards, M.S. EXPHYS and Fitness Inside & Out owner.

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Physical Therapist and golf fitness expert joins Fitness Inside & Out team

Bob_Touchette_picNaples, Fla. — Physical Therapist Bob Touchette, a certified golf specialist who has worked with members of the LPGA Tour and top national amateurs, has joined the Fitness Inside & Out team.

Touchette, who earned his Physical Therapy degree from the University of Connecticut, has more than 15 years of experience in physical therapy and his career has taken him throughout the Unites States, teaching and learning the skills of functional movement and injury prevention. 

Before moving to the Naples area, he worked in Pebble Beach, Ca. and Pinehurst, North Carolina with special emphasis on golf fitness and sports performance training.

A Massachusetts native, Bob is a devoted golfer, enjoys tennis and snowboarding, and following his New England Patriots and Boston Bruins.

For more information about personal training or golf fitness assessments and golf injury prevention, contact Fitness Inside & Out at 649-7181 or email

Fitness Inside & Out is a Naples, Florida based personal training and nutrition studio where clients receive personal attention to meet their individual needs. Our personal trainers have exceptional educational backgrounds and experience, with bachelor's and master's degrees in health science fields. Fitness Inside & Out has clients as old as 90.

The studio offers nutrition and cooking classes including classes that emphasize whole foods with organic ingredients and information and education on the healing power of nutrient-dense foods. Fitness Inside & Out offers personal training, small group training, golf fitness, tennis speed and agility training and therapeutic massage including neuromuscular massage, sports massage, deep tissue and Swedish massage.

Fitness Inside & out is locally owned and operated since 1994.


Mom and Me Gluten Free Baking Class hosted by Fitness Inside & Out personal training and nutrition center

Fitness Inside & Out is hosting a Mom & Me Gluten Free Baking Class that features recipes from the specific carbohydrate diet. Of course, Dads are welcome too.

Most gluten free foods at the grocery store are highly processed and contain additives and starches that can inhibit intestinal healing and wellness. Fitness Inside & Out’s cooking class recipes feature healthy almond flour.

Almonds are high in a key amino acid that helps your body repair and restore the mucosa lining the intestinal tract. Many of the added starches in gluten free baking products and mixes contain replacement starches that are more difficult for the body to digest. Undigested starch can ferment in the gut and do further injury to the intestines. The healthy benefits of cooking with almond flour were recently featured on a segment by Dr. Oz.

The Mom & Me Gluten Free baking class is open to parents and kids ages 8 and up. At the class you’ll learn to make waffles, two different kinds of cakes, monster cookies, pizza crust, cobbler and donuts. All recipes are also lactose free and substitute honey for inflammation-promoting refined sugar.

The class is co-taught by Sydney Edwards, age 12, who was gluten and starch free for more than 3 years on her journey to healing and wellness while living with Crohn’s disease. She can give kid-to-kid advice on coping with being different at all those birthday and class parties.

Contact for details.




Set your Goals with Fitness Inside & Out

Set your health and fitness goals for 2012 with Fitness Inside & Out personal training and fitness center. Our services include fitness assessments, personal training, and post rehab training in a private studio setting.

We specialize in injury prevention. Working with a personal trainer can give you the motivation and accountability you need.

Our trainers have bachelor's and master's degrees in health science fields and we have experience in clinical settings and with clients who've had total knee and total hip replacements and numerous sports injuries.

Call 649-7181 or email to schedule an appointment. 

Fitness Inside & Out launches Specific Carbohydrate Diet cooking class for Crohns, Colitis and anti-inflammatory conditions

Fitness Inside & Out has opened registration for a cooking class on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, also known as the SCD diet, has helped thousands of suffers of Crohn's, Colitis, IBS and autism. The diet is a gluten free, grain free, lactose free diet with no processed foods or chemical preservatives. Our class at Fitness Inside & Out further focuses on whole foods cooking tehcniques. The diet, although very different from the standard American diet, is nutrient dense and healthy for the whole family, particualry anyone with an auto-immune or inflammatory condition.

At the class, you'll learn how to make super-charged homemade probiotic yogurt that contains virtually no lactose. It's got healing properties that help to re-colonize the gut with healthy flora, and it's great for anyone who is coming off antibiotics or steroids. You'll also learn how to make homemade healing bone broths, an art lost on many modern cooks. 

At the class, you'll learn about the science behind the diet, online resources and support groups,  ingredient sources and you'll get some great recipes and kid-friendly, on-the-go food ideas. We'll teach you how to get started and also how you can establish cooking routines to adjust to this "slow food" way of cooking and meal prep.

For more information on the class, email or call Fitness Inside & Out at 649-7181. The first class is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 19 at 2 p.m. We are a Crohn's family and we want to share what we've learned to benefit others who have this difficult disease.


Therapeutic Massage

Thank you for your interest in massage therapy. Whether your goal is to simply relax for an hour or whether you are combining massage therapy with your personal training program, our therapists will work with you to achieve your goals.

Fitness Inside & Out is committed to promoting wellness through ethical therapeutic massage and bodywork.

We adjust the type of massage you receive to meet your individual needs. Swedish and some deep tissue massage will promote stress relief and relaxation while neuromuscular therapy will address dysfunction of the soft tissues and relief from chronic pain. Other techniques, such as reflexology, and myofascial release may be used.

Sessions include the use of hot stones, quality herbal massage creams, aromatherapy oils and fine linens on a warmed massage table. Body Cushion System utilized for enhanced therapeutic effect.

  • Relieve Muscular Pain
  • Reduce Stress, Restore Energy, Maintain Well-being
  • Restore balance to foster healing
  • Support Athletic Training

Neuromuscular Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy involves careful observation and assessment of posture and movement patterns followed by specific and thorough manipulation of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia to release contracted tissue and trigger points, increase circulation, reduce nerve entrapment, and improve postural distortion.

Sports / Orthopedic
Sports/Orthopedic Massage utilizes techniques designed to lengthen muscles and tendons with improved athletic performance and functional movement in mind.  Deep tissue and neuromuscular techniques are used in combination with Active stretching and range of motion activities with attention to optimizing muscle function and preventing injuries.

Swedish Massage
Classic Swedish Massage techniques involve gentle manipulation using strokes such as gliding, kneading and stretching to promote circulation, relaxation, stress reduction and general well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage incorporates more focused, penetrating stokes such as compression and cross fiber friction to facilitate the release of specific muscles that are taut or knotted. These techniques can be isolated in treatment or combined in fully body massage.

Schedule a appointment by calling (239) 649-7181 or email

October 2011 massage crop


Naples Tennis Instructor Chuck Breger and Fitness Inside and Out players

Fitness Inside and Out works closely with Chuck Breger, who has worked in the Naples area for more than 20 years with some of the areas top junior and senior players. His teaching style allows players to develop their game from a junior player competing in national tournaments to Division I and even professional rankings. He offers individual instruction, clinics, and summer programs.

For more information on getting started with the junior or senior programs, call Mike Edwards at (239) 649-7181.

The following is a list of former and current players who’ve worked with Fitness Inside and Out:

Former Players
Jessie Witten (University of Kentucky, 4 time All-American, NCAA singles finalist, World ranking 170)
Evan Austin (University of Kentucky, World ranking)
Andrew Columbo (Auburn University, NCAA doubles champion, World ranking) 
Pete Rispoli (Northwestern University, nationally ranked Boy’s 18, World Ranking ATP)
Ryan Sherry (University of Florida) 
Seth Fogelman (Duquesne University) 
Taylor Curran (University of St. Louis) 
Sarah Witten (University of Kentucky, All American) 
Marnie Mahler (Rollins College)

Current Players
Charles Weinstein (Boston University)
William Ellison  (Claremont California)
Tim Mahoney (Fairfield University)
Brandon Lorace (Virginia Tech)
Nick Maurillo (Auburn University) 
Amy Grossglag (National Rank Girl’s 14)
George Johnson (National Rank Boy’s 14)
Paul Johnson (Sectional Rank Boy’s 12)
Grace Johnson (Sectional Rank Girl’s 18)
Ryan Zanette (Sectional Rank Boy’s 14)
Daniel Groom (Sectional Rank Boy’s 14)
Max Ave (Sectional Rank Boy’s 14)
Mario Nicoscia (National Rank Boy’s 12)

Click here to return to the Junior Tennis PEAK Performance page, or for more information, contact Mike Edwards at 239-272-4111 or email