Fitness Inside & Out launches Nutrition Class

Nutrition and Cooking Class

Starting at the beginning of September we will begin a nutrition and cooking class that will consist of the following four sessions:

Nutrition 101: The basics of nutrition, your diet, what your body needs, and what it does not need. We will discuss the building blocks of your diet and how your fats, proteins and carbohydrates work together.

Show & Tell:  You bring in your favorite food items, and I will bring in some of mine.  Just bring in the labels or the items to show.  You will learn about the different trends in foods and the different ways that food labels are distorted.  This is to help educate people about what ingredients to stay away from in various products.

Brainstorming: This session allows you to ask questions and raise concerns. It will be based upon input from the class.  The topics will vary depending on the desire of the class.

Let’s Eat! Cooking at Mike Edwards’ home.  I will prepare several different meals and share different ideas while we enjoy a variety of healthy foods.  You are welcome to bring a favorite dish to share as well. We’ll teach you how to input a recipe and obtain the nutritional breakdown of your dish.

The days and times are yet to be determined but I would like to start the class before the second week of September.  Sign-up if you are interested and I will coordinate with people the best that I can. Clients of Fitness Inside & Out will be given priority.  The class size will be limited so let Mike know if you are interested. If you can’t attend in September, e-mail Mike and let him know that you would be interested in attending a future class. If you have more questions call Mike Edwards at 272-4111 or email at


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